This is the Longest Lasting Fashion Style. Ever.

This is a Guest Blog written by Michele Worthy of @SimplyLANphotography. Michele is a well accomplished photographer, foodie, and travel enthusiast based in New York City. We were incredibly excited and thankful to work with her, enjoy!

Do you want to save money by buying things that last (forever)? Of course you do, who doesn't?!  Still want to remaining on point when it comes to your fashion vibes? Yes please.

I think it's time you consider going BIG. 

Life as we know it keeps getting bigger. Music fests keep packing in more people, celebs keep gaining more followers, and athletes keep getting bigger paychecks. Smart money like Wall Street and Vegas know it’s always safe to bet big on ‘BIG’.

Big, or ‘oversized’, is also an absolutely timeless fashion style. It can be seen everywhere from sunglasses to jewelry to apparel. For those who rock it, it builds confidence in a bold but very achievable way. Simply pick out which way works best for you and go for it. Here are some ways to get started:

Oversized Sunglasses

The early 1950s were the dawn of oversized shades. The US economy was booming and fashionistas had money to burn. To be noticed, they had to go big with their accessories, literally.

Further fueling the fire were the return of WWII war heroes. While on duty, pilots were issued Aviator Sunglasses which they continued wearing long after service. To this day, Aviator Sunglasses have become synonymous with American heroism. We see you Maverick! 


As time has marched forward the desire for oversized shades shows no signs of letting go. Icons like Diana Ross and Sophia Loren made a living rocking them.

📸: Refinery29

Arguably one of the most fashionable woman of modern times, Princess Diana, made oversized shades a staple of her timeless style. As noted by Lucy Kenny of…

“Along with her endless collection of enviable handbags and blinding jewels, Diana often accessorized with this heavy masculine style, which, surprisingly, really suited her delicate features.”

 princess diana collage wearing oversized sunglasses

📸: David Levenson / Pintrest

To this day, oversized sunglasses continue to be a cornerstone of great style which is exactly why you need to get a pair, or two, or twenty. Unless the sun burns out, patriotism dies, and we abandon fashion icons, oversized sunglasses will always be a must-have in your fashion arsenal.

If you're looking for a new pair of oversized shades but tight on money, try entering TmrwsBig's Free Monthly Giveaway. They're giving away a pair of Aviator Sunglasses this month! 


Oversized jewelry has long been a fashion mainstay. Icons like Kendall Jenner and Rihanna make it feel so natural, especially when they rock their big hoop earrings.   

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The history of hoop earrings goes insanely far back. Bianca Nieves of Refinery29 does a great job covering that…

“The oldest earrings archeologists have discovered belong to Sumerian women who lived in 2500 BC, and favored the now classic gold hoop style. In 1500 BC Egypt, even cats — that most sacred animal — were adorned with gold hoop earrings. Julius Caesar turned earrings into a status symbol during his reign over Rome. During the golden age of piracy in the years between 1650 and 1730, pirates were known to wear earrings in order to secure a proper burial, should they drown and their bodies wash ashore. In 19th century Japan, it was tradition for both Ainu men and women to wear brass hoop earrings.”

Hoops have essentially existed forever and are loved globally. Regardless of where you live or travel, if you’re wearing them you’re in good company. 

Wearing them should make you feel confident, elegant, and sexy. That's why so many influential women make them a priority. I think it's time you consider adding some hoops to your life.


📸: Vogue Magazine + Instagram

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When it comes to oversized apparel, things get exciting. The opportunities are plentiful no matter the season you're in. 

Oversized sweatshirts and hoodies are a great way to get started. First, they're warm, soft, and subtly simple. Second, they're ideal for creating an outfit with amazing contrast. To do this, match your oversized sweatshirt a with a pair of slim or straight jeans/pants. This creates amazing balance and style for a smart and fashionable look. 

Sweatshirts have a cool backstory too! In this amazing article by Jennifer Park of LoveToKnow…

“The sweatshirt's ability to transcend its athletic origins by becoming both an influential component of sportswear and an element of various subcultural dress, testifies to its importance in fashion; furthermore, the fashion system's innate ability to recycle pre-existing motifs guarantees that the sweatshirt will evolve for years to come.”

So whether you're rocking one out or staying in for a Netflix binge session, you're making the right choice. 

Oversized apparel doesn't stop there, the fabric itself can be big too. For over a millennia people have been using wool to make clothing. Through centuries of selective sheep breeding we arrive at Chunky Merino Wool, considered by many to be the softest wool ever. This wool, coupled with modern yarn production techniques, produces Chunky Merino Wool

This oversized yarn allows for the creation of beautiful high quality winter scarves, hats, and gloves. They're ultra-soft, warm, and naturally breathable. Because the yarn is extra thick, wearers easily achieve an oversized look without the extra bulk.

chunky merino wool scarf hat and gloves tmrwsbig

So What Now?

Adding aspects of oversized to your life is exactly what the doctor ordered. Because it’s timeless, you’ll save money in the long run and look amazing doing. Oversized shades are great for adding pop to an outfit. Big hoops are a time tested favorite across all culture. And oversized apparel and yarns make it easy to combine style and comfort.  

More importantly, opting for oversized is really an opportunity for you to build a stronger self. It’s a bold style, but in an easy-to-pull-off kind of way. It promotes self-confidence and inner strength. 

Oversized isn't a trend, it's a timeless style. Historically it's track record is impeccable, it never fades. Now it’s your turn to make history and go big! 

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