4 Pricey Drink Ideas For Your Next Free Starbucks Order

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You did it, you finally racked up enough Starbucks Reward Points to earn yourself a free drink ($17,000 later, woof). Lucky for you that hard earned drink comes with no restrictions on how elaborate or expensive you make it (read: let's totally abuse this power to justify how much we spent to get it). Lets get started...

If you have your own container, some Starbucks locations will honor filling that over a normal cup. That’s how William Lewis Jr. of Fort Lauderdale ordered a $148.99 Flat White consisting of 173 ristretto shots (and an impressive 11,245 mg of caffeine)!

A ristretto shot you say? Yep, it’s basically a mini espresso shot but only 10mg less of caffeine (65 vs 75). For all my fellow Alton Brown types out there, there’s a link at the end to a fun article on ristretto shots. It's nice and nerdy.  

📸: SouthFloridaReports.com

You’re probably standing in line right now, without your own giant coffee mug, frantically trying to piece together the most creative and cost-heavy drink possible, so let’s cut to the chase. Here are four pricey, oversized drinks that'll ring up north of $10 depending on what you add on. 

Hot one's first...

Super White Chocolate Mocha

Ask the Barista for a Venti sized White Chocolate Mocha with…

- 2 Espresso Shots
- 1 pump each of: Caramel Sauce, Vanilla Syrup, Toffee-Nut Syrup
- Extra Caramel Drizzle
Extra Whipped Cream
- 2 splashes Almond Milk

Total Approx. Caffeine: 300 mg

Make sure you ask the Barista to make it extra hot, the extra syrups can cause this latte to cool down and thicken up quicker than normal. Latte's too thick for you? Not a chocolate fan? You need a Vanilla inspired Misto then...

Super Vanilla Caffe Misto

A Misto is ½ brew coffee ½ steamed milk. A latte is an espresso shot + steamed milk + foamed milk. The extra coffee in a Misto will thin things out a bit.

Ask the Barista for a Venti sized Caffe Misto with…

- 2 Ristretto Shots
- 1 pump each of  Hazelnut syrup and Toffee Nut Syrup
- 2 pumps Vanilla syrup
- 1 scoop Vanilla Bean Powder
- Caramel Drizzle
- Whipped Cream
- 2 splashes Almond Milk

Total Approx. Caffeine: 325 mg

If you're not in a rush and want to be super fancy, ask them to make the coffee portion of the Misto with a French Press Pour-Over. 

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OK, onto the frozen drinks!

Super Double Chocolate Chip Crème Frappuccino

double chocolate chip frappuccino
📸: SweetTreats Youtube

Ask the Barista for a Venti sized Double Chocolate Chip Crème Frappuccino with…

- 1 scoop Vanilla Bean Powder
- 1 scoop Chocolate Powder
- 1 extra scoop Chocolate Chips
- 2 Blonde Espresso Shots
- 1 Affogato-Style Shot
- Extra Whip Cream

Total Approx. Caffeine: 240 mg

Want to turn it into an “Oreo” Frappuccino? Ask the Barista to use White Mocha Sauce instead of Regular Mocha Sauce and you’re all set. More of a vanilla than chocolate fan? Then order this…


Super Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino

Ask the Barista for a Venti sized Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with…

- 1 scoop Vanilla Bean Powder
- 1 extra scoop Java Chips
- Chocolate Drizzle (lining inside of cup and on top)
- 2 Blonde Expresso Shots
- 1 Affogato-Style Shot
- Extra Whip Cream

Total Approx. Caffeine: 225 mg

All the above drinks are absolutely loaded with caffeine and sugar so please drink with caution. If you want to take control of the caffeine content, switch up the number of espresso shots added. Still not satisfied with the price, despite to drive it up more because 'hey, this one's not on my dime!", then consider these tips:

  • If you're visiting a fancy Starbucks with ‘Starbucks Reserves’ cofffee options, definitely opt for those as they cost more
  • Make it Trenta sized (if they let you), these are even bigger than Ventis!
  • Add a banana to any of the Mocha Frappuccino for a Banana Split Sundae-esque taste 

For a great list of the most expensive drinks ordered to date, check out this great article from CaffeineInformer.com. They're a top notch place for learning about all things caffeine.

Want to brush up on all the different drink types and finally understand the difference between Macchiato and Cappuccino? This article by DailyCupO.com nails it!

Here is the Ristretto article I promised you. It answers what the differences are between an Espresso and Ristretto shot in a very nerdy way. You'll love it. 

And finally, if you have a super cool expensive Starbucks drink in mind, please share it with us in the comment section! 

Hope you enjoyed this article. If so, I'd be grateful if you shared it 🙏

Thank you!


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