About Us

Hi I'm Brian, founder of TmrwsBig. That's me below, looking way cooler than I actually am because I'm holding someone's adorable corgi. When I'm not holding other peoples' dogs I enjoy following businesses like Toms and Warby Parker. I love them because their products align with how they give back. For Tom's, they sell shoes and donate shoes. For Warby Parker, they sell reading glasses and donate reading glasses. Because of this alignment they’re able to help more people in need, quicker. They’re working hard, and more importantly, they're working smart.

brian folmer founder tmrwsbig

With that in mind I started TmrwsBig, an online boutique specializing in unique, oversized goods. We work closely with artisans, as well as everyday people needing a platform to sell online, to provide a rich variety of really cool stuff!

But why oversized? Well, when you spot something that blows past an expected boundary like color, material, or size, you can't help but remember it forever.

In our case, we obsess over pushing the boundaries of size. It's timeless, turns heads, and captures an audience. Oversized is what we believe in and do better than anyone in the world. 

Life is short, so why not go big? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

When you purchase from us, a portion of profits gets donated to humanitarian and environmental non-profits helping solve oversized global challenges. This specifically includes Illiteracy and Environmental Protection which you can read more about on our Giving Back page.

In short, TmrwsBig shares oversized things to solve oversized problems. This alignment allows us to help more people, quicker. We're working hard, and smart. Every purchase, Share, and ‘Like’ gets us one step closer to achieving our goals.

If you have it in your heart to share our page with others we would really appreciate it. Thank you for your support! Seriously, you're the best. 


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