Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me understand the theme of this boutique? 
TmrwsBig specializes in oversized, supersized, and jumbo sized goods. Simply put, everything available for purchase contains an element of being larger then normal.

Does this theme mean everything is simply bigger?
Not exactly. Let's take our Retro Cassette Purse for example. The purse itself isn't particularly big. What is bigger than normal however is the cassette aspect of it. Normally cassettes are very small, but in this case it's been supersized and turned into a purse! 

What's so special about oversized, supersized, or jumbo sized items?
Many reasons...
1. They are exceptionally noticeable and easily remembered
2. Our brains fire special neurons that bring us excitement when we see something that doesn't fit our expectations. In our case, it's size expectations.

Fun Fact- This also happens with music, which explains why remixes of songs excite us so much. Our minds are expecting one sound, but instead hear something else! For a super cool book on this concept and more, you should definitely read This Is Your Brain on Music: the Science of a Human Obsession

3. It's a timeless trend that never fades
4. It helps promote a minimalist lifestyle. One large item garners the attention and appreciation it would take many smaller items to achieve


If I want to sell an item on TmrwsBig, who pays for the shipping?
You, the individual seller, would be responsible for that


If I want to sell an item on TmrwsBig, how is the purchase price determined?
The purchase price is determined by considering a handful of variables which TmrwsBig and yourself will discuss via email. Some of the variables include...

1. The price you, the seller, are comfortable selling it for after considering things like our Payout Schedule and estimated shipping costs
2. The price we, TmrwsBig, are comfortable selling it for after considering it's value and fit with our store's theme


If I unsubscribe from TmrwsBig's email list, am I still eligible for the Monthly Giveaway Contest?
Unfortunately, no. 

What are the fees for selling an item of mine on TmrwsBig?
There are none. You are paid the amount of money your item sells for minus the commission percent. For example, If your item sells for $100, you will be paid $80. This number would be $100 x 20% commission = $80. Here is our payout schedule:

25% commission for items selling under $40
20% commission for items selling over $40



For all other questions, please email info@tmrwsbig.com

Thanks, tB!